All seven MLD NBS Working Focus Groups will be launching over the next 4 weeks. If you have not already registered at we’d like to invite you to do so now.

The goal of the WFG’s is to support the MLD RUSP Nomination by providing a broad perspective and consensus on all of the aspects of MLD Newborn Screening. Everyone in public health, biopharma, policy, advocacy, and each family has unique insight into an effective MLD newborn screening program. This is your opportunity to share what you’d like to see in our newborn screening flows, recommendations, and resources.

The purpose of each WFG can be found here and the launch dates are below:

Screening & Validation … 7/14
Clinical Care & Research … 7/16
Education & Outreach … 7/28
Public Health … 7/15
Bioethics … 7/20
Access, Reimbursement & Legal … 7/28
Forthcoming Clinical Care & Therapies … 7/16

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